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Can an Idea Change the World?

The fall air was crisp. The stomping of feet on the bleachers resounded. The football team huddled before the next play. My family sat a few rows up on the 30-yard line, my son in my lap trying to keep warm. He leaned back to ask me a question.

I figured it would be yet another, “Can we get a treat from the concession stand? How much time is left? What did that whistle mean?”

Those questions … I can answer. But, he didn’t ask those questions.

“Mom,” he asked, "can an idea change the world?”

I laughed. “Yes, G,” I said. “Your ideas can change the world.”

And that was the conversation. He quickly moved on to asking for another concession stand snack.


Take a look around. Most everything you see and hear started simply … with an idea. The technology you use, the songs you sing, the books you read, the movies you see, the family you have. They all started with an idea.

I’ve never been much of a dreamer. I live more in the day to day, looking at the details and not the big picture. I’m not the one to usually come up with innovative ideas.

But, a few years ago, God gave me a dream … a specific idea for a book to write. I can clearly pinpoint where I was, what I heard Him say, and the circumstances surrounding this unveiling.

That was well over two years ago. That dream, that book, though written, has not exactly come to fruition the way I had hoped and planned. I thought it was completely within my grasp. I had an agent representing it to publishing companies. An author I hold in highest regard gave it a glowing review. I was receiving other writing opportunities. Yet, that dream of the book being published … it is still a dream today.

What do you do with unanswered dreams, ideas that you believe were given to you for a specific purpose?

Here’s what I’m learning…

Your ideas can, indeed, change the world. The way that comes about, though, might take different twists and turns.

Perhaps, the “world” I mention above isn’t classified by numbers. Perhaps, this “world” that I can change is my family, my people, my neighborhood. This idea I was given has the power to change my family. And, perhaps, that’s whose world my idea can change. I don't need (or desire) to be famous. I just want to make a difference.

Sometimes that initial dream or idea might lead to other opportunities. The original open door might lead to a different destination, but faithfulness to take that first step is necessary to begin the journey.

Your ideas, hopes, and dreams are a gift from God. Let Him use them in His timing. Obedience is everything. Do what God asks you to do, when He asks you to do it. He will take care of the rest. His answer one day will be greater than anything you could have asked or imagined. Trust the process; trust the One who holds the future in His hands.

Wouldn’t it be great for your idea to change the world? Just like I told my son … it can. But you must be willing to take that first step into the unknown. Take a chance. You never know how God might use that idea or dream to change not just the world, but more importantly, your world.