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You Have a Choice

It was inevitable, but I'm so glad she was willing to trust me with what was burdening her heart.

Two girls my daughter called friends were being mean to another friend. She had been taught to do the right thing. She knew what they were doing was wrong. As she shared with me after reading a devotional at bedtime together, "Maybe I should take this book tomorrow and read it to them to help them understand what they are doing is wrong." I reminded her that even though she couldn't control how others acted, she always, always had control over her responses. She could (and should) always choose to be kind.


We are faced with more choices each day than I'm sure we even realize. Some are insignificant. Some have lasting impact.

When I was younger my mom gave me a book entitled "Happiness is a Choice." While I don't remember the details of the book, there have been many, many days I have meditated on that title. How you choose to view and respond to your circumstances is entirely up to you.

No matter where you are or what you are facing, you have a choice.

You can choose to live in fear ... or you can choose to step out in faith.

You can choose to feel inadequate ... or you can choose to accept the worth God has placed on your life.

You can choose to sit alone ... or you can choose to surround yourself with community.

You can choose to believe Satan's lies that you aren't good enough ... or you can choose to believe God has a perfect purpose and plan for you.

You can choose to stay in bed ... or you can choose to get up.

You can choose to wallow in sorrow ... or you can choose joy.

You can choose to remain where you are ... or you can choose to take a chance.

You can choose to walk in bondage ... or you can choose to live free.

You can choose to continually look back ... or you can choose to face forward.

You can choose to hate the mundane ... or you can choose to find joy in the ordinary.

I'm not saying it's easy. I'm not saying it's fun. Grief, hardship, and pain are real. Life isn't always what you hoped it would be. In the midst of your situation, though, choose to rise above. Maybe not today ... maybe not tomorrow. But, when the time is right, choose the best thing.

Circumstances may or may not change. They may be out of your control. How you respond is the one thing you can control.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.