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Automatic Doors

I have always loved SUVs. I got my first Jeep Cherokee after college. When it was time to upgrade, I chose another Cherokee. We put a lot of miles on that SUV. The day we realized it didn’t meet our needs for life with an infant, I may or may not have teared up a little. I loved that vehicle. Choosing our next vehicle was a process. Car? SUV? Minivan? Want to know what won? The minivan. It won because of two simple words:

Automatic doors.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind minivans. In fact, I am 100% okay with driving one. However, I also really love SUVs.

Yet, those two words: automatic doors.

Gamechanger. Those automatic doors have saved me on more than one occasion.

Last night, I prayed for something to write about today. As I went to bed, the words that resonated in my mind were “automatic doors.” And, I laughed. Honestly, I’ve tried all day to find a spiritual implication or some great truth as to why that is what I have felt led to share.

As I drove around today (in said minivan with its automatic doors), I pondered just what I needed to glean from these two words. And then, it hit me. I’m in a season of “automatic doors.” Right now is my “minivan season.” Seasons come, and seasons go. What am I doing to embrace the season I am in?

Currently I’m in the throes of unsuccessfully potty training my son. (In his words, “Why should I use the big boy potty today? I used it yesterday.”) I spend approximately three hours a day in that van, dropping off, picking up, sitting in lines, etc. I pack lunches, wash clothes, pick up toys, mow the grass, clean the house, work in some writing here and there, and try to maintain some sort of acceptable appearance. My days often seem filled with saying “no” more than “yes.” I’m a “fight-breaker-upper,” a “won’t-you-just-try-the-broccoli-briber,” a “yes-you-have-to-take-a-bath-and-use-soap-commander,” a “you’re-just-not-old-enough-yet-explainer,” and a “tear-wiping-bandaid-applying-it-won’t-hurt-forever-promiser,” just to name a few.

Days are long. “Me-time” is often a fading memory. I do good to get in a chapter of Bible reading a day. If I make it to the end of the day without a single person in my family (including myself) crying or with no new scrapes and bruises, I consider that a miracle. But you know, I wouldn’t trade this season for anything. It’s my “minivan season” and I’m embracing the life I have.

I won’t need these automatic doors forever. In fact, this season will probably end sooner than I think. And then, Lord willing, it will be back to the SUV for me. But, whatever the next season has in store, I’m embracing today. I’m driving my minivan to Target, indulging in a lunch of popcorn and Diet Coke, and heading to the diaper aisle, because … potty training. But, when I head out with a cart full of things I need (and, since it’s Target, a few things I really don’t need), I’ll embrace those automatic doors as I load up my bags and head on to sit in the pickup line at preschool.