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A Special Day

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the day I became a mother. The day I held my precious baby girl in my arms for the first time. I had no idea what I was doing then. There are many days I have no idea what I'm doing now! Together, though, we are forging this mother/daughter thing and figuring it out day by day.

I'm celebrating today's milestone by revisiting a letter I wrote my daughter on her first birthday. It's amazing how many of the things I was feeling that day are the same things I often experience today.

To my precious Ande, on her first birthday:

One year ago today you came into this world. 11:03 am, to be exact. You changed our lives forever. We spent nine months getting to know each other without officially meeting each other. We’ve spent a whole year working on figuring out how to live as a mom and daughter in this world. You, my daughter, are a miracle. You were prayed over before you were even a baby. You have been prayed over every day since you were born.

You came into our lives at the perfect time. You are a testament to the fact God’s timing is so much greater than anything I could ever plan or hope.

The day I found out my prayers had been answered in you, sweet baby, was such a special time for your dad and me. The joy we felt was so amazing – we wanted to tell the whole world. At the end of the day, we praised God.

You have taught me so much. I know as your mother, it’s me that should be teaching you. But, it’s amazing how much I have learned from you.

Through you I have gained confidence. While I still question things on a daily basis (are you getting enough to eat? is your bath water too hot? are you bored? do you like the clothes you are wearing? what are you thinking when you’re crying?), I have gained a sense of confidence in being your mother. Every day isn’t an easy day, but every day with you is a blessed day. We have a good time, don’t we, sweet girl?

Want to know what else you have taught me? You’ve taught me a lot about God’s love for me. There have been some late nights where the song “Jesus Loves Me” has seemed to be all that comforts you (and me, for that matter). On more than one of these nights, the overwhelming sense of God’s love for me has been incredible. Life changing, even. I love you so much. It’s a love that’s hard to explain, really. To know that the love God has for me is so much greater than this love is almost too much to fathom.

Oh, how I pray for you to know His love as your own. There is no greater joy than living a life in obedience to Christ. I promise to do everything I can to teach you God’s Word, that you may know just how much He loves and cares for you.

There are so many things I want to tell you, but I’ll simply leave my first letter to you at this.

Ande, my sweet girl, you have brought unspeakable joy into the life of our family. I am excited to see you grow and learn as the minutes, hours, days and months go by. You are loved more than you know.