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Taking Chances

Taking chances doesn't come naturally to me. I'm never going to be the first one to test out a new product. I won't try out a new recipe if I'm having people over for dinner (cue the whole memory of putting cayenne pepper and sugar all over homemade dessert tortilla chips designed for cinnamon and sugar). I won't take a ride in a hot air balloon (but I will take pretty pictures of them like the one above). It's unlikely I will ever (willingly) jump out of an airplane. I can take chances if I think I need to; if I have my choice, though, I'm probably going to stick to what I know.


There is a certain level of risk involved with taking chances. The biggest risks? Rejection. Failure. A "Pinterest" nightmare. (And, not to mention, the risk of your hot air balloon hitting a power line resulting in ... well ... you get the picture.)

Today, I was reminded of the positive impacts of taking chances. A few years ago, a friend posted on Facebook about a writing opportunity for LifeWay Christian Resources. Just being real - I'd already been rejected once, so I wasn't sure I was going to take that chance again. But, I really felt inclined to message her. I applied. The rest is history. I've had the pleasure (and privilege) of writing curriculum, devotions, and articles for various publications since taking that chance. And, Lord willing, the assignments will continue to come.

Can I be honest? I was scared to apply. I know it sounds silly (especially because the entire process is done online 😊 so no one really knows you applied other than the people receiving the application), but, at the end of the day, I just didn't want to be told no. If I didn't apply, I wouldn't have the chance of being rejected.

But if I hadn't applied, I wouldn't have had the chance to begin a journey that has honestly changed my life.

As I read a similar post from that same friend today, I felt the need to remind myself (and you) of the importance of taking chances. I'm not suggesting taking reckless risks ... but taking ones that could open the door to something more. Something new. Something amazing.

I'm not sure what you are faced with today, but if you feel God's prompting, take that chance.

Apply for that job.

Go on that date (if, of course, he/she meets your standards).

Say hi to that fellow mom waiting to pick up her child. (She might need a friend as much as you do.)

Visit that church.

Try out for that role.

Open the doors of that gym.

Enroll in those classes.

And, just remember, it's okay to do it scared. Sometimes the risk is worth the rejection. Taking the chance is worth the possibility.