Misty Slopes

Becky Wilson Suggs is a wife, mother, preschool curriculum writer, preschool teacher, and blogger. Through her writing for children, Becky desires to create resources for parents and kids to use together to build strong spiritual foundations. When she’s not sitting in a sandbox or attempting a sidewalk chalk masterpiece, you can find her brainstorming for new ways to make God’s Word come alive to preschoolers (and for creative ways to get her kids to eat vegetables). Becky lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband and two children.

Becky holds a Master’s Degree in Christian Education from Southern Seminary. She currently writes preschool curriculum for three of LifeWay Christian Resources’ publications: Explore the Bible (Sunday School curriculum), Bible Studies for Life (Sunday School curriculum), and TeamKID (discipleship curriculum). Becky has been featured on the ParentLife blog and also wrote for Ridgecrest Conference Center’s blog, MinistryServingMinistry.com. She also has works featured in Focus on the Family's Clubhouse, Jr. magazine.

From an early age, Becky dreamed of writing for children. She remains amazed at how God has orchestrated events in her life to bring this dream to reality. From a move to a small Kentucky town in high school to a job at a summer camp in North Carolina, from a newlywed adventure in the mountains of New Mexico back to small town life in that same North Carolina town, Becky knows the story is continuing to unfold … and she is excited for the journey.